econ sens3 at maschine manufacturers

The maschinery and plant engineering industry integrates the econ sens3 into both new and existing installations in an add-on or as part of a retrofit for energy data acquisition. The econ sens3 thus provides the entry point into new products and services for mechanical and plant engineering.

Maschinery and plant engineering industry companies make use of the econ sens3 for condition monitoring of maschinery and plant. On this basis the device offers new business fields in the Service and After-Sales segment. Firstly the evaluation of energy data offers information on service interval, wear and the performance of the maschine and maschine parts. On the other hand there is the possibility to benchmark maschines with indentically constructed ones or with competing products. By using the econ sens3, the maschine is made ISO 50001 ready, regardless whether it´s installed as add-on or retrofit!