econ sens3 as a data logger with 4 additional inputs

Up to 4 additional counters or sensors, such as electricity, water or gas meter can be connected to the econ sens3 and evaluated via the web interface directly. In order to use this function you need to activate the LOG-upgrade.

In this application the econ sens3 acts in addition to the measurement of electric energy and power values as a data logger. 4 additional electricity meter or a power, a gas, a water and a compressed air counter can be connected to the econ sens3.

This application makes the econ sens3 interesting not only for industrial companies but also for smaller businesses, chain stores or local authorities with many distributed locations.

Example municipalities / sports halls: In addition to the monitoring of power consumption, power, current and voltage data the logger function allows the integration of water and heat consumption. Energy efficiency measures can be extended easily to other media by using this data logging function and evaluation via web interface.

econ sens3 datalogger