The measuring line set econ sens3 V-KIT

Mobile and temporary measurements are even simpler by using the econ sens3 V-KIT. The measuring set features pre-assembled plug for simple and comfortable connection of three voltage circuits, as well as the neutral conductor on an econ sens3 basic unit. Magnet probes enable the direct connection to the voltage path, for example, through screws in circuit breakers. The fuses in the measuring cables guarantee a safe use.

Installed in 5 minutes

The installation time of an econ sens3 can be further reduced with the use of the measuring set. Without tools, simply insert the plug in the base unit, connect the magnetic probes and the measurement can begin. By this plug and play principle you can install the econ sens3 in 5 minutes! While you read this, the econ sens3 would already be installed.

econ sens3 measuring line set