PRO- and LOG-upgrade

Expand your econ sens3 by more features:

Flexible inputs / outputs for additional sensors and counters

With the LOG function up to four additional ports can be configured and used as digital or analog inputs or outputs. The use as inputs allows the integration of additional counter, e.g. existing water, gas, compressed air or electricity meter and can be evaluated via the web interface. The econ sens3 thereby transforms to a flexible data logger for various media.

If the interfaces are configured as outputs, the measured values of the econ sens3 can be transmitted to and displayed by additional devices. For instance it is possible to connect power-consumption lights that indicate whether the power consumption is in accepted, borderline or non-accepted range.

Power quality analysis according to EN 50160

The PRO function monitors and provides information about network events, such as harmonics, voltage interruptions or Flicker. These events are recorded by the econ sens3 and can be evaluated and tracked accurate to the second via the web server. The limit values for the event recording can be set manually, alternatively there is the possibility to preset the limit values according to EN50160.

Industrial companies, as well as commercial enterprises, trade houses or community facilities, such as hospitals depend on the freedom from interference by electrical and electronic systems. An influencing of the power quality can be done by many different confounders. These disturbances can have massive consequences for equipment and operations, such as overheating of machines or networks, triggering of protection devices or data network problems.

Therefore, it is mandatory for every company to respond quickly and effectively to any difficulties with the power grid around the clock and in every situation.

With the PRO upgrade of the econ sens3 disturbances in the grid can be recognized in time and appropriate actions to correct the fault can be taken by analyzing the corresponding events.

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econ sens3 datalogger
Power quality according to EN 50160