Integrated energy analysis software

The econ sens3 software is already included in the econ sens3 on the built-in Web server. For evaluations and direct analyses no additional software must be loaded or installed. To get a quick and easy access to current or historical data, a connection via Ethernet cable and the input of the device IP address is sufficient.

In case of more than one econ sens3 device is connected to the same network, these devices are recognized automatically. A direct jump to another device is possible directly from the surface, the related analysis and evaluation can be done by a touch of a button.

Logging of minute values for more than one month

Actual measurement as well as histrical data are displayed and can be analysed by the webinterface. The electrical measured values and time slots are adjustable individually. The integrated 4GB memory card saves the recorded data for a sufficient time slot, e.g. all minute values are stored for a period of 39 days. A data export to CSV or XLS for Microsoft Excel® is possible at any time to long-term store measured values and allow further analysis and editing.

Displayed and logged is the data of consumed and generated energy, current, voltage, reactive and active power, reactive and active energy, phase shift and power factor and total harmonic distortion. Other parameters can be found in the user manual.

Configuration directly via the Web server

The full parameterization of the econ sens3 can be done via Web server. All settings can be changed via an own menu such as e.g. date, time and IP address, network topology and network voltage, Modbus, and I/O configuration.

The upload of firmware updates and the reset of the device or the memory card is carried out via the Web server with just a few clicks and intuitive.

Experience the econ sens3 live in the online tutorial!