References and case studies

The econ sens3 is used by companies from industry, trade and services. Thanks to the simplicity in installation and application, the compact design and the manifold applications, the device enjoys an already large and growing popularity among different customer groups .

A selection of companies that do have the econ sens3 in use:

Oskar Frech

The world's leading provider of pressure casting technology uses the econ sens3 not only for pure energy data acquisition but also for the condition monitoring of machines and processes.

"The econ sens3 opens a field of tension between energy management, factory data capture and condition monitoring for energy and media data acquisition of production processes. We are rather talking about implementation of industry 4.0"
Dr.-ing. Kai Kerber, Head of resource management and foundry processes at the pressure casting machine manufacturer Oskar Frech.


SEW-EURODRIVE is one of the market leaders in the field of drive technology and drive automation. The econ sens3 at SEW is used for temporary measurements in existing installations.

"We use the econ sens for temporary measurements of inventory systems. This allows us a quick statement to payback periods of replacement investments and increases the resistance of the calculations."
Roman Mackert, Market Manager Energy Efficiency at SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co. KG

Bals Elektrotechnik

The medium-sized family-owned company Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG produces standardized industrial plugs and sockets, connector systems, and connector blocks for the world market. Bals Elektrotechnik relies on the econ sens3 for the recording of consumption data in mobile, prefabricated measuring boxes for energy management solutions.

"Our measurement kit for mobile energy consumption measurements is equipped with the econ sens3. In addition to the space-saving installation the integrated software for reading out measured data is a decisive advantage of the device for us."
Mario Rapp, Key Account Manager at Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

Heinz plastics

"The plastic company Heinz Plastics Group is active in the packaging market for cosmetic products, chemical-technical products as well as in the food & beverage industry. The company uses the econ sens3 in combination with an overall energy management system of econ solutions, the software 3.0."

"By using the econ sens3 we have considerable flexibility in the energy measurement of our machines. In particular the uninterrupted installation was crucial for us."
Raimund Schnappauf, Energy Management Officer of Heinz plastics Böhm GmbH

Application example:


The global consulting company creates concepts and innovative solutions in the area of environmental and climate protection, sustainability, resource and energy efficiency, safety, quality and international cooperation. Arqum opts for the econ sens3, emphasizing in particular the benefits for temporary energy data collection to identify the largest consumers in industrial companies.

"With the econ sens3 we have found a powerful multi function gauge which enables us in particular temporary measurements of main consumers. For our energy management and energy audit projects the data logger function and the interruption-free installation are extremely important."
Dr. Uwe Götz, Managing Director of Arqum society for safety, quality and environmental management mbH.